Full Service Repair
of Light and Heavy Duty
Gas and Diesel Fleets
Full Service Repair
of Light and Heavy Duty
Gas and Diesel Fleets

Welcome to DN N Drty Repair

Light to Heavy Duty Gas and Diesel Vehicles

Fleet Repair by Advanced Fleet Repair - McHenry IL

DN N Drty Repair is conveniently located in the heart of McHenry County at 1401 North Drive McHenry, IL.  It is our goal to provide top class service to our clients. With over 20 years’ experience, our clients can be sure we use only the best diagnostic technology to ensure your vehicles and equipment are safe on the road and operating efficiently.

Our team of experienced mechanics are ready to service all your repair needs. We don’t want our clients’ vehicles sitting idle and waiting to be serviced. Therefore, we provide high quality and timely service of your vehicles and equipment so you can be back in business in no time.

In addition to our Truck and Fleet repair we offer 24/7 towing and assistance for all light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment.

Because of our wide range of experience, you can now have all of your vehicles and equipment serviced in one place. Contact DN N Drty Repair today to schedule your service


Fleet Repair by Advanced Fleet Repair - McHenry ILTruck repair is our specialty. We service all sizes of trucks including light, medium, heavy-duty gas and diesel engines.

Gas powered trucks are still operating today and we want to make sure they continue to operate efficiently. The team at DN N Drty Repair is knowledgeable and efficient at diagnosing your trucks problems and getting you back on the road and in business.

Diesel trucks are gaining popularity due to fuel efficiency and lower operating costs. But to keep that diesel truck running safely it needs to be serviced regularly. Longevity is key and when your truck needs repairs, you can’t ignore that need. Our skilled technicians will diagnose your trucks’ issues and provide you with an estimate of repairs to get your back on the road. Our outstanding service means your truck will last and last.

Regardless of your truck being gas or diesel, one thing that is essential in owning any truck is making sure you get the oil changed regularly. Diesel powered engines are more sensitive to the need for frequent oil changes as diesel fuel is less refined. If you end up with dirty, sludgy oil, and you will much quicker than you would with a gasoline engine, your truck could be stuck on the side of the road. Rely on the team at DN N Drty Repair to keep up with that necessary maintenance.


Fleet Repair by Advanced Fleet Repair - McHenry ILWe work on every aspect of your gas or diesel auto or truck. Brakes or belts, we have you covered. We perform a comprehensive diagnostic test to determine your trucks problem the first time. If you are seeking a reputable company to take care of your truck’s needs, contact DN N Drty Repair today.


Our fleet of service offerings includes construction equipment, all types of trailers, passenger vehicles and small engines. We fully understand that downtime on fleets or equipment means money. Our experienced team of technicians will keep your fleets safe on the road and your equipment humming.

Fleet Repair by Advanced Fleet Repair - McHenry IL

New fleets or aging fleets, let our team be your choice in fleet repair. We recognize no 2 fleets or maintenance schedules are the same. We also understand that service intervals may vary between vehicles and businesses. Fleets operated in severe conditions, such as the weather we experience, means your servicing may be required more often than your personal vehicle. At DN N Drty Repair, we can help you determine those intervals and create a service schedule for your fleet of vehicles.

Preventative maintenance is the best medicine for keeping your fleet and your equipment running. This is the most cost-effective way to stay ahead of issues and potential breakdowns.

DN N Drty Repair wants to be an extension of your team and fleet and equipment maintenance is one of our specialties. If you are looking for a dedicated team to care for your fleet of vehicles, contact DN N Drty Repair today.

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